Artificial intelligence has impacted global business more than the Internet at the same stage had 20 years ago. Business owners must navigate AI carefully. It is not a silver bullet.

The explosion of artificial technology has created an exciting ever-expanding, morphing landscape of opportunities for business owners with the skills and knowledge to navigate it.

Large companies can adopt AI solutions more readily and have the resources to make well-researched, technically qualified decisions on the strategy and rollout of AI systems.

Navigating this process is more difficult for SMEs. The specific professional knowledge and expertise around Artificial Intelligence are not readily available or affordable 

The situation that SMEs face when looking into AI at an early stage, particularly if they have a limited budget to invest in the process, is that they are presented with a sea of prolific AI chatbots, tools and AI agents, but are not able to deserned the bottom line benefit these apps and tools will deliver all shiny and new featuring bells and whistles but very difficult to assess.